Braving the Wilds

Field Notes from the Suburban Jungle

Tag: Shakespeare


Twain very neatly made one
In seventy-five years:
A perfectly formed, egg-shaped arc
Around the earth, riding the tail of
A comet, which Halley himself was only
Fortunate enough to see once.

Shakespeare spun fifty-two orbits
Neatly closed and added to the collective
Sprial, the nautilus, the helix
A continuum of existence, time,
Place, whirling through an infinite
Unnerving hole of incomprehension.

“Let every man be master of his time,”
Strive to contribute to the dervish,
A Turkish dance of joy, a work
In color, pencil lines, gooey ink,
Pointillist dots, clay, gardens,
Genetic sequences and fuel
Burning a collective intelligence.

On Walden Pond, two of the forty-two
Arcs of a unlikable tax-evader,
An Aristotilian law unto himself who
Revealed the non-denominational
Grace that is Nature, more
Musketaquid than Concord.

Time and distance, reconciled
By Einstein’s own cosmic circles
Where constant motion feels like sitting still;
From a distance, velocity measured,
Observed, is incomprehensibly fast
And universal.

Une Copie de Lui: Placebo

With a Nod to Sandrine Kimberlain

Betwixt the boar bristles

lay a complex tangle of

Red strands under

Stray black and steel

Grey ones.

DNA codes lay buried

within the tiny thin


Building blocks

Of his nature.

Mitochondrial and nuclear chemicals

Could eventually reproduce

Him in an exact physical replica,

A concoction of loveliness

“Most wonderful!”

Olivia’s Shakespearean delight in

Genetic copy reveals

The fickle nature of love:

A manufacture of the brain’s desire,

A focal point,

An image.

To inject decades of sculpture

To clone artful loveliness

Is the necessary advancement.

Find a scientist who has discovered

The process by which one can

Download every second of experience

That concocted unmatched delightfulness.

Cecil Vyse’s Lucy Honeychurch

Offers a recipe for his offspring

Nurturing the same charming history

Of his beloved: A touch of country

For freshness, delayed introduction

To London for refinement.

Cesario’s female self is

Impotent to Olivia.

Every neurosynaptic pathway

Etched in memory’s personality

Made her a complex

Object subjugated to that

Unique connection,

A mere two dimensional

Suggestion of another.

The physical copy deceives

Until the clone’s Truthful kiss

Reveals he is unknown to her world.

His love will have to satisfy

Someone altogether new.

Cesario’s nurtured self thrives in

True Love’s longing heart.  His own strands

Cast off like the eunuch’s disguise,

Will remain tangled in another’s

Memory, a stray hair

Lost in his lover’s brush.