Braving the Wilds

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Herod’s Impotent Hands

Remembering Newtown today…

Braving the Wilds

Frantic, chaotic existence

For one interminable instant:

A pseudo-Egyptian woman

Brave, effusive and artistic

Stowed a score of unquestioning clean slates

Into her Coptic kiln room.

Shots rang out as an Elizabeth,

With a close-grown copse of Johns

Found a split mountain,

A bathroom with tiny toilets

Barricaded from the outside

With feathery volumes of

Pat the Bunny,

Tom Sawyer and

The Diary of Anne Frank.

Waiting for silence,

Peace ever-elusive,

Rows of innocents in an

Evacuation conga line,

Eyes squeezed shut, still shedding tears,

Found their Egypt in a New England fire house,

And Love everlasting in far-reaching arms

Without creed: a mourning, heart-strong

World on the verge of a great shift.

King Herrod lay dead

While the martyrs remain perfectly preserved

In a spiritual idea.

Unchanging from year to year,

Their steadfast awe and heavenly connection

Will live forever in the inverted refraction

On our retinas that perceive…

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Tears in our Coffee Cup

Mr Rogers used to site his mother’s words to comfort children when tragic events would strike: “Look for the helpers, Fred.  You will always find people who are helping…”  One small but enormous example given by a friend: sensitive policemen gayly told students evacuating Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday to close their eyes until they were told to reopen them, like a game.

The Goodness in the world always outweighs the bad.  The mortal amongst us, however, are still nursing broken hearts this morning.

With love and hope and wishes for recovery to our friends in Newtown, especially to Pete, Annie, Jenny and Charlie, and Peter (always Brian to me!), Michelle, Francesca and Sam.