Braving the Wilds

Field Notes from the Suburban Jungle

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Ode to the Brassiere

At the turn of the century came you,
freeing our confined, corseted torsos
from the high-fashioned,
short sighted, spleen crushers,
whale-boned, skeletal-deforming
straight jackets which kept us
swooning for the idealized
twenty-two inch waist.

Grace à vous,
le soutien-gorge
patriarchal control would
shift from our now free-breathing
abdomens to our boosted racks,
enticingly framing our throats
with half-orbs, a décolletage
to frame our now-oxygenated
cheeks, our pink visage.

Rocketed, coned, formed
in pockets in various
colors and fabrics, we breasts
rose in praise, pointing
to the sun we longed to
feel on our virginal skins.

And yet you singed, under protest,
by flames ignited by
angry, love-hungry hippies,
and rose from the ashes
like a wispy phoenix in the form
of the bralette, barely there
slips of fabrics left best to the
flater-chested of the girls to fly
with first amendment sensibilities
in the face of misogyny.

Decades later under a
glass ceiling, you held our
milk-engorged bleeders,
protected under layers of
absorbent cotton in
conference rooms populated
by gawking men. Exhausted
under silk, sexually confusing
to all those present, hinting to
the more sentient amongst us
that the only purpose of
these gorgeous mounds is to
fulfill their true desire,
to simply do what the
powers of the universe
expect them to do:
to feed a hungry world,
or not.


Crossroads, yellow wood
Steering wheel, never could
Avoid lines of a path
Deeply lined with roots.

Choices grooved
Etched from hooves
That matted the trail
With nothing to prove.

Like a feather on air
Carried for fair
Lacking control
And choice, to bear.

Abraham’s will, his alone
With Isaac’s blood, sin atone
Ignoramous, with free will,
Humanistic, cast a stone.

Avenue behind, structured
Interrupted, minute fracture
Forced by nature, power of self
Entrusted, personal rapture.

Boulevard disappears.
Pasture lands, grassy years
Gently separate, give way
To bare feet, and joyful tears.