Published Work

For the Love of Books

A Soulful Solution for Montclair’s Christian Science Church

Back to One: A Bygone Victorian Summer on Lake Waramaug

A History of Rowing and Sculling on Lake Waramaug

Waramaug’s Unique Outlet: An Historical Perspective of our Dam

Rural Intelligence

A Short History of an Architectural Centerpiece

The Macricostas Expansion Project: Ensuring a Majestic Future for the Pinnacle Valley

 Arrow Point: Then and Now

Solemnized Without Pomp, Parade or Frog Jumping Contests: Celebrating Independence on Waramaug in a Time of Uncertainty

Celebrating Maria Allen in the Land of the Lotos Eaters

Waramaug Becomes Year-Round Haven

Waramaug Becomes Year-Round Haven